"Jan Ritzema Bos" Prize 

The “Jan Ritzema Bos” prize is a competition for the best dissemination of doctoral research on plant health to a wide audience. The prize will be granted by the Royal Netherlands Society of Plant Pathology (KNPV).

The KNPV invites PhD students to describe their research in the field of plant health and crop protection in an accessible manner in a short abstract. From all contributions, three abstracts will be nominated (notification 19th of April 2023). These nominations will present their research at the KNPV-spring meeting on the 16th of May 2023. During this occasion, the winner of the contest will be selected. The “Jan Ritzema Bos” prize does not only include honour and money, but also a publication in the KNPV magazine ‘Gewasbescherming’.

For who?

Young PhD researchers, connected to a Dutch University or research institute, who graduated in 2021/2022 or expect to graduate in 2023/2024. The subject of the graduation is in the field of plant health in a broad sense and can include both fundamental and practical research with contributions to the field of plant health.

What do we expect?

  • An abstract of a (almost) finished doctoral research on the field of plant pathology, plant health and crop protection. With a maximum of 450 words (in English or Dutch) you describe what you have done and the relevance of your research in an understandable way
  • To receive an overview of all (expected) scientific publications
  • Deadline: 15th of March 2023. Please send an e-mail to
  • To be available on the 16th of May 2023 to give a presentation

What does the prize include?

  • Honour
  • The possibility to show your research to a broad audience
  • Prize money (€ 1200,- for the winner, € 600,- for the second and third place)
  • Publication of the abstract of your research in the KNPV magazine ‘Gewasbescherming’

Criteria (in random order) which are taken into account in the assessment:

  • Clear explanation of the research
  • Potential impact on cultivation practice and applicability
  • Social relevance
  • Visual support during presentation
  • Interaction with audience


Jan Ritzema Bos

Jan Ritzema Bos (1850-1928) is one of the founders of the KNPV in 1891. For many years he was chairman of this plant pathology association. As an editor of the plant pathology magazine (nowadays the European Journal of Plant Pathology EJPP) he wrote hundreds of articles for this magazine. Besides that, he was also the managing director of the phytopathological laboratory Willie Commelin Scholten in Amsterdam and managing director of the Dutch Plant Protection Service. He was professor at the University of Amsterdam and later on in Wageningen. Ritzema Bos is considered the founder of plant pathology in the Netherlands and is honoured by the awarding of this price.


The goal of the KNPV is to enhance the cooperation between research, education, government and industry in the field of plant diseases, pests and weeds. This is done by organizing meetings, supporting projects and publication - already for 53 years - of the magazine ‘Gewasbescherming’. Nowadays KNPV also focusses on the exchange of knowledge with society and on public debate.

Doriet Willemen
E-mail: info@knpv.org