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Membership of the Royal Netherlands Society of Plant Pathology (KNPV)


You can be a member in different ways:

  • regular member of the society (person)
  • donating member (person, institution or company)
  • student member (students of Dutch Universities or Agricultural Polytechnics)

The membership or subscription runs from January 1 until December 31. If you become a member throughout the year, a proportional part of the  membership fee needs to be paid.

Yearly fee

  • Membership Netherlands, including Gewasbescherming: € 30 (when you use authorization of automatic payment € 5 discount)
  • Membership Belgium, including Gewasbescherming: € 30
  • Membership other countries, including Gewasbescherming: € 40
  • Donating member, including Gewasbescherming: € 75
  • BSc/MSc student member, including Gewasbescherming: € 15.00 (when you use authorization of automatic payment € 2.50 discount)
  • Separate issues of Gewasbescherming (excluding shipment): € 6
  • Only for normal members of the society it is possible to get a subscription to the European Journal of Plant Pathology for the reduced fee of (in total): € 190 (outside the Netherlands and Belgium: € 200; within the Netherlands with authorization of automatic payment € 5 discount, so: € 185).

Canceling of membership or subscriptions

  • before December 1 by mail or by email
  • later cancellations are subject for payment of fees during the next year

New member / Cancelations

Jacques Horsten
Secretary KNPV, P.O. Box 31, 6700 AA Wageningen

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The journal of the
KNPV appears six times
per year and contains
at least 250 pages
per edition.

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