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KNPV Partners with the Plant Management Network

As part of its internationalization strategy, the Royal Netherlands Society of Plant Pathology (KNPV) has established a partnership with the Plant Management Network (PMN), a nonprofit online publisher of applied agricultural and horticultural resources.

KNPV partner Plant Management Network

PMN’s mission is to enhance the health, management, and production of agricultural and horticultural crops. To achieve this mission, PMN publishes exclusive research through its applied journals, pest control efficacy trials, and other resources. Also through its resources, PMN refers readers to useful online information published by supporting partner organizations. This network of information was visited by 360,000 researchers, consultants, growers and other practitioners in 2008 alone.

Partnering benefits KNPV in three key ways:

First, PMN will help bring international exposure of KNPV and the information featured on KNPV’s website, like the “Looking Back on Pests and Climate Change” proceedings. PMN will publish announcements to its readership, bringing a larger, more international audience to KNPV’s website.

Second, for KNPV members who wish to publish applied research, briefs, reviews, and management recommendations, PMN will provide a peer-reviewed and page-charge free venue. Authors are encouraged to learn more at

Third, PMN will provide an added value for KNPV members: a discounted subscription to the Plant Management Network’s full suite of resources. KNPV members can access all these resources for just $38 yearly. First-year KNPV subscribers can save an additional $10 by using coupon code KNPV10 in PMN’s Yahoo! store.

A sample of the resources relevant to plant protection include:

Plant Health Progress. A peer-reviewed, applied journal with hundreds of peer-reviewed articles covering plant pathology, entomology, and nematology.

Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR). Multi-volume efficacy reports that include thousands of trials on biological/cultural controls, fungicides, and nematicides.

Arthropod Management Tests (AMT). Contains efficacy reports on insecticides and miticides.

View a full list of resources.

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